Hunting in South Texas is an adventure all its own. The first two weeks of September are a White Wing hunters’ paradise. This is the only region in the United States where white wing dove may be taken.  

Chasin' Tails & Feathers offers custom dove hunting trips or cast and blast trips.  Most dove hunting (both whitewing and mourning) is done over harvested grain fields.  Usually, all dove hunting is done within a short distance from the lodge in local fields and pastures.

You will need to bring your own shotgun (preferably 12 or 20 gauge) and your own shells (#7 1/2 or #8 ). The number of boxes of shells will depend on how good a shot you think you are. Bring double what you think you will need. Also, make sure you have your hunting license with HIP certification and migratory birds stamp. Game wardens are friendly and thorough during dove season, so make sure you are in compliance with all of the regulations and that your gun has the proper plug in it.

As your trip draws near, please keep in contact with your guide to track weather conditions, equipment issues and anything that may affect the quality of your trip.

Its usually very hot during the first part of dove season so dress comfortably in camo clothing and make sure you have good snakeproof boots. 

      Regular Season

      SOUTH TEXAS ZONE                   Sept 23 - Nov 13 2016    Dec 17 2016 - Jan 23 2017*
      SPECIAL WHITE WING AREA      Sept 2-3, 9-10 2017 

       Regular Season                           Daily Bag Limit        Possession Limit

      SOUTH TEXAS ZONE                               15                            45

      SPECIAL WHITE WING AREA*                 15                            45

Don’t forget to bring …

Texas Hunting License (with proper Stamps)
Shot Guns with Ammo
Drinks & Snacks
Sun Screen
Camo Clothing & Rain Gear

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Rate: $300 per gun for the weekend minimum 2 guns and 2 nights

Legal shooting hours are noon to sunset
Legal shooting hours are sunrise to sunset
50% Non-refundable deposit required to confirm reservation.


Regular Duck Season:  First session, November 5th through November 27, 2016.  Second session, December 10th through January 29, 2017.

Chasin' Tails & Feathers, we do not hunt from permanent blinds like other places on the coast of Texas.  We scout the bay and find the “X”, which is where the ducks want to be.  We hunt on the banks using ingenious temporary blinds.

Hunters sit on comfortable camo captain’s chairs with easy access to everything needed.  All of our boats are shallow water craft and can, at most times, drop hunters and gear off right there on the bank.


You will need your Texas hunting license with migratory game bird endorsement, as well as a Federal duck stamp. You will also need your own shotgun (12 or 20 gauge) and the appropriate STEEL (#2, 3 or 4) shot. 

We will provide drinks and will breast (wing attached as per Federal guidelines) and bag your birds.

Our goal is to make sure you have a safe, pleasant and exciting adventure while you are here!

Book Your Duck Hunting Trip Now!

Rate: $300 per gun for the weekend minimum 2 guns and 2 nights

50% Non-refundable deposit required to confirm reservation.

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